This dark little hole is my page where you may feel free to ask questions or offer to rp with my muse, Hallow-Eve. enjoy the creepy crawlies, the gaunt watching eyes that never tire in staring, my random conniptions, and whatever else you find slithering through this humble hovel of mine.
(Because I am shit with names, I'm going to do url instead for the three names meme) conductorofstorms, thecatsidhe, and fuck-you-i-am-a-zombie
Send me three names and I’ll tell you which I’d: Fuck, Take a Bullet For, or Murder
//omfg WHYYY?? DX//
Since Hallow is still getting to know Thunder (conductorofstorms), she’d probably fuck her because you know…pirates. Fucking people can be one of the ways Hallow gets to know a person. It’s telling what a person is really like by how they are in bed XD Though since she thinks she’s mostly straight that could be a bit awkward… 
Hallow would then take a bullet for Grim ( thecatsidhe) because they’ve grown close and have becomes pretty decent friends. She doesn’t want to imagine losing another person she cares about. So she’d just make them suffer with that instead lol
And Hallow would murder Hunter (fuck-you-i-am-a-zombie), not out of spite but instead so she could harvest his head and keep him. When a member of the Morrigan’s cycle cuts off someone’s head it’s called “head collecting” where they own the victim’s soul and can summon them in a reanimated form. So Hunter would come back probably as a fresher version of himself and wouldn’t have to worry about rotting away. He’d be able to have an easier life living as her undead summoned slave. She’d probably get him a bed with a heat blanket and all the raw meat he could ever want.